Thursday, July 23, 2009

We're talking real money here

Career pathways

The House Appropriations Committee has put $135 million into the pot for Career Pathways. While this may not sound like much for such an important program, it's a 10% increase over the Bush budget. Good. While the money is mainly targeted for community colleges and local adult ed providers, I would guess it's also another potential resource for high school Smaller Learning Communities and Career Academies.

Watch your back (knees) William

Bloomberg's opposition candidate, William Thompson better watch out. The mayor-for-life wannabe doesn't like folks he can't control and he has $60 million in his war chest to beat his opponents down. But that hasn't stopped Thompson from exposing the real numbers behind the Bloomberg/Klein reform. He says, the first thing he'd do if elected is fire Chancellor Klein.

Duncan's mantra

Arne Duncan's recent mantra has been, mayoral control of urban school districts. OOPS! It's tough to run schools and make license plates at the same time.

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