Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Bloomberg: "We're going to have people in the streets..."

Mayoral Out of Control News

During last week’s radio address, Mayor Bloomberg sounded the alarm:
“they want to have this slush fund to train parents so that parents can disrupt the schools. I want our principals and our teachers to run the classroom…. [C]an you imagine?! We’re going to have people on the streets to tell our police department how to work? No, we don’t want to do that.”
Bloomberg was referring to a portion of the revised Better Schools Act that calls for the creation of a center for parent and student service and empowerment. The center would educate parents and students about ways to get involved in the school system and would encourage more participation in parent-teacher associations and school leadership teams.


Then comes this item from the NYT reporting that as classrooms grow more crowded, New York public schools have been told to stop independently hiring teaching assistants with money raised by parents.

How Mayor B gets charter scores up


If Fenty is re-elected...

Harry Jaffe
at WashingtonExaminer.com on Rhee's tenure
Rhee is here for the long haul. She's counting on Adrian Fenty getting elected to another term, which would give her six more years to remake the schools. "At the end of the second term," she tells me, "there's a good chance the achievement gap between white and black students will be closed."

Gerald Bracey at Huffington: Mayoral control is "the new tyranny."

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