Tuesday, July 7, 2009


It's an illusion
The stark conclusion: Nothing that Paul Vallas or Arne Duncan did in the last 15 years has had any significant effect on the number of CPS students who can read and write acceptably and do arithmetic, fractions and elementary algebra easily. It's all an illusion. (Bill Sweetland, Huffington)
Duncan on the education business

Q & A with the Chicago Tribune:
Q Why include business in the policy debate about public education? A We all need to work together on this stuff, business leaders and educators. Everyone's mutual interests are absolutely aligned.
Business leaders want reform but don't want to pay for it, right?
No; there's been unbelievable generosity, not just in resources but in ideas. We've had a great relationship with the Chamber of Commerce and Business Roundtable. I've met with a number of CEOs.
Disconnected youth
The costs of leaving six million young adults completely out of the economy and bereft of hope are going to be dangerously high. Everyone recognizes that this population is inevitably a source of crime. Currently, New York State has 60,000 people incarcerated and 23,000 on parole and the fifth highest recidivism rate in the country. It destroys individuals, their victims, and their families (David Jones, President and CEO, Community Service Society of New York).

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