Thursday, July 16, 2009

No "quick turnarounds", Sec. Duncan

So warns Chicago parent organizer Julie Woestehoff (PURE) in response to Duncan's pushing the "Chicago model" on other school districts. Duncan had claimed that, “Chicago’s success proves that we as a nation can expect dramatic and quick turnarounds in our lowest-performing schools.” In a letter to EdWeek, Julie proves that Duncan's claims don't add up.

Even the far-right libertarians (no-govt. anarchists?) at the CATO Institute are calling the Chicago Miracle "a myth." And remember, these were the guys who actually made up the name, the Ownership Society.


Think Tank West looks at Chicago's NAEP scores and finds that CPS's 1% increase is "pretty darn close to zero." Certainly nothing to write home about.

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  1. Well, which is it? "Quick turnaround" (Duncan) or "abysmal failure? (Civic Committee)"


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