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Friday, July 31, 2009

TFA replacement squads used against career educators

Look who's in denial

Gregg Toppo
in USA Today writes that TFA teachers are being brought in to replace laid-off experienced teachers in Boston, North Carolina and elsewhere. Isn't that how they were used by Vallas after they busted the teachers union in post-Katrina New Orleans? After all, TFA-ers do work cheap.
In Boston, TFA corps members replaced 20 pink-slipped teachers, says Boston Teachers Union President Richard Stutman. "These are people who have been trained, who are experienced and who have good evaluations, and are being replaced by brand-new employees."

In March, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, N.C., schools Superintendent Peter Gorman told board members he was laying off hundreds of teachers but sparing 100 TFAers because the district "made a commitment to this program." Gorman noted that TFA teachers "are placed at schools with high populations of underprivileged students where the placement of personnel has proven to be difficult."
Funny--Rotherham is in a state of denial over Toppo's story. A tweeting Russo enjoys AR's "meltdown." Me too.

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  1. And then they leave.

    Kids need stability. They need experienced teachers.

    Teachers need colleagues they know, a team, to build a school, a school culture.

    TfA pushes out teachers who would play that role. Instead, they supply 2-and-out tourists.

    No thank you.



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