Friday, July 3, 2009

Civic Committee's Martin denies blaming Duncan for failed reform

Sorry, I couldn't get the embedded video of Rick Arruza's interview with R. Eden Martin to play here. But you can watch it at WTTW Chicago's websight HERE.

Only "vested interests" to blame...LOL

Catalyst's Lorraine Forte sets him straight--It's not just about being a charter. There are good and bad. Both charters and neighborhood schools need good teachers and resources.

CTU's McGuire touts the Stanford report that shows only 1/3 of charters doing well. Martin responds--"But in Chicago, they're all good."

Background on R. Eden Martin
from my August 19, 2006 post on SmallTalk, "R. Eden Martin, anti-monopoly warrior???"

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  1. If you like visuals, this one shows the Martin connection pretty well.


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