Friday, July 24, 2009

GAO doesn't like D.C. school Rhee-form

The report criticizes supt.'s "lack of foresight in the often hurried implementation of new initiatives" as well as Rhee's failure to involve "stakeholders" like teachers and parents in much of her early decision making. (D.C. Examiner)

Sometimes you just have to laugh at them

Ron Huberman was surprised to learn of the "secret job fair."
(Rich Hein/Sun-Times)
Chicago Public Schools officials burst into laughter this week after a teacher announced at a School Board meeting that she heard a rumor CPS was holding a "secret job fair'' July 31."I can dispel the rumor,'' schools CEO Ron Huberman told the giggling crowd. "There are no secret teacher fairs. Any teacher fairs are public. Everyone is invited, and they are advertised.'' Hours later, Huberman hit the roof after learning CPS was, indeed, planning what some might call a "secret job fair.'' (Sun-Times)
It all makes Jesse Alred wonder, who are the real reformers?


  1. With thousands of teachers being cut, why even have a job fair? If they announced it publicly, they would need Soldier Field just to fit in all the jobless teachers. Meanwhile, is there still a Chicago Teachers Union? We haven't heard from them in the past few years.

  2. Mike,

    You should point out that the GAO also produced evidence that Rhee had violated civil rights law by funding some schools at lower levels than others with the same or similar populations.

    It goes to show just what her "reforms" are all about.


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