Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The answer

In the new National Journal Online, Arne Duncan continues spreading the Chicago miracle manure around. He's still insisting that, in Chicago and other cities, "mayoral control is the answer for turning around schools." I guess he's ignoring the report from his old bosses at the Civic Committee who are calling the past decade of Chicago reform "abysmal."

I'm no hoo hoo

BTW, I tried to respond to Duncan's silly claims at NJO, but the new Gates-sponsored site, which Edweek's Dakarai Aarons calls, "a veritable who's who among education policymakers" only allows comments from "invited participants." No practitioners allowed. They're not hoo-hoos.

Sun-Times Editorial on Civic Committee Report
Mostly, it's an overly simplistic analysis of test data, assembled largely to bash traditional public schools and promote the business group's preferred solution -- expanding the number of charter and other privately managed schools.
I agree

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