Monday, July 6, 2009

In my mailbox

WaPo's Jay Mathews says he doesn't deserve to be called "union basher":
...this is all fair comment, but i hope you also read the column and see the praise i heaped onto AFT president Randi Weingarten. that doesnt look like union bashing to me.
Okay, Jay. Maybe I shouldn't have called you a union basher. You did indeed praise Randi. But geeez, that was a crappy column you wrote. I'm glad you don't even try and defend it.

Anti-union spy Mike Antonucci claims he really did mingle with NEA teachers:
Repeating something over and over again doesn't make it true, Mike. Fred spent 10 minutes with me and claims to know where I've been for six days. Maybe he should have spoken to some of the people in his own delegation who complained they couldn't find me because I wasn't in the press area. You also left out the names Fred called me. Thank you for that.
You make some good points, Mike. Repeating something certainly doesn't make it true. And name calling is never right. Thanks for reminding us. But how do you know that Fred didn't have his own spies watching your every move? Do you have any evidence, ie. pictures, signed affidavits from teachers, proving that you left the press area? If not, I'm afraid I've got to go with Fred on this one.

Keep those comments coming.


  1. Jeez, bro. I'm caught in the middle here. If I call Antonucci a rabid, ignorant, anti-union scum bag, I get criticized by him and you, scolded that name-calling is never right.
    If I am too nice to the teacher-bashing piece of crap, other teacher union folks criticize me, as JD did.
    What am I to do? I am caught between a rock and a pitiful snot-rag blogger who clearly suffers from OCD when it comes to teachers and their unions.
    As for whether the creepy union-hating nose-picker ever left his seat, I cannot say. Where he went, I cannot testify to. But my quote stands. When I suggested he talk to teachers outside the hall, Antonucci said, "It's not my niche." The ugly tie-wearing, wide-collared nerd can deny it all he wants, but I'll match my integrity against his any day.

  2. I see your point Fredo. You just can't win. Whatever you say is going to be criticized by one side or the other.

    And Mike, I'm afraid my brother just has a problem with anti-union, teacher-bashing spies. He can't help it. It's the way he was raised. But hey, good luck in finding that "niche" of yours.


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