Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ownership Society News

They're still hoping

Here's the title of the Fordham Institute's next panel discussion: "With charter schools ascendant, is there still a future for vouchers?"

Another neocon wingnut think tank, AEI, likes the general direction Arne Duncan is heading, but doesn't think he is going far enough or has enough "sticks" to get him there. AEI's Andy Smarick is also turned on by DFER, the pro-voucher, pro-privatization Democrat "reformers" who have lots of clout at Duncan's DOE. Smarick finds DFER "exciting," but he worries that these hedgefund reformers may be too gah-gah over Duncan and claiming victory "too early." He is right.

Bill Gates' card game

"Gates Foundation: Teachers trump class size" reads the E-School News headline. Makes me wonder whether Bill Gates' kids have to choose between a good teacher and small class size.


  1. Do you see an eventual end to this voucher/privitizing fad being pushed right now by the right wing think tanks or are we in for a long ride? I fear that Obama/Duncan are just going to be another Bush/Finn unless a miracle happens.

  2. ANON,

    The struggle continues. Let's not wait for a "miracle."


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