Sunday, July 12, 2009

Report: 'Schools are safer without metal detectors'

The NYCLU, the Annenberg Institute for School Reform at Brown University, and Make the Road New York have released a report arguing that schools can create a safer environment without metal detectors and harsh discipline. (Gothamist)

Included in the report, this factoid:
The police force in New York City schools is now the fifth largest police force in the country—there are more police in New York City schools than there are on the streets of cities such as Baltimore, Las Vegas, Boston and Washington D.C.

PURE does some good reporting on the "turnarounds" in Chicago including this on turnaround "model" AUSL. It also turns out that Julie at PURE had beaten me to the punch on the suppression of the SRI report. She noted back in May that the critical report on Renaissance 2010 had been "purposely delayed."


Minneapolis charter advocate Joe Nathan doesn't like the "false choice" between charters and district schools. He says research shows both district and charter schools vary enormously in their effectiveness. So lumping them together makes little sense, and doesn't help improve any classrooms.


This week's stupid headline award goes to Chicago Public Radio (WBEZ). Since when is firing every teacher in a school, a "radical school reform?" What's next, firing all the surgeons in a hospital for some radical health care reform?

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  1. As a veteran CPS teacher and new teacher at Orr I question the fact that you "know" that students were banned from Orr. The student body continues to be a challenging one including large percentages of special education students similar to all surrounding neighborhood high schools.


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