Monday, November 5, 2012


"CPS and Mayor Emanuel want to do to our schools what Mayor Daley did to the parking meters." -- Windy Pearson (Action Now) at Friday's City Hall sit-in [Video]

Barbara Byrd-Bennett
“We need to acknowledge that the community simply does not believe what we say we’re going to do.” -- Sun-Times 
Pauline Lipman (UIC Prof.)
 "If school closings were such good policy, why aren't they closing schools in white communities?" - At Friday's City Hall sit-in. 
Aquila Griffin
Dyett High School student, Aquila Griffin 
“My message to our mayor and Barbara Byrd-Bennett is we are not collateral damage. CPS has to answer for ignoring the voice of the people most impacted.” -- At Friday's City Hall sit-in
Ben Joravsky
And it's true, most of my friends tend to fall on the Democratic side of the Democratic Party, as opposed to the Republican one the mayor represents. -- "More Rahmnesia: Chicagoans trying to forget they elected Mayor Rahm"
Mitt Romney
"If I'm president of the United States, instead of just giving lip service to improving our schools, I will actually put the kids first and the union behind..." -- Huffington: Mitt Romney "Makes Education Pitch In Final Days Before Election"

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