Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Rahm's 'reform' agenda takes a beating

At City Club luncheon: i don't know what Gov. Quinn is saying, but Karen Lewis doesn't seem too impressed .
Rahm's school reform agenda of school closings and charter schools, was taken to the woodshed yesterday. First and foremost by CTU Prez Karen Lewis in her address to the City Club.
At one point, half the room gave Ms. Lewis a standing ovation. Among those who stayed seated: Beth Swanson, Mayor Rahm Emanuel's education point person during the contentious teachers strike held in September. “We usually walk a fine line at the City Club,” said Ed Mazur, a city club board member who stood up for Ms. Lewis. “She likes to cross it. She doesn't mince words.” -- Crain's
Then by Diane Ravitch on Chicago Tonight.

Finally, Ald. Fiorretti continues to be the voice  for the growing resistance movement within the city council, to the mayor's school closing/charter school expansion plans.
In his ward , Fioretti said, eight charter schools have moved in, two have moved out, and five neighborhood schools have closed, causing “significant dislocation and emotional distress.’’ One charter recently opened across the street from a neighborhood school that CPS last year had considered solidly performing but half-empty, Fioretti said.

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