Tuesday, November 13, 2012

"We don't need no stinkin' Open Meetings Act..."

Public school teachers, students, parents and activists rally against school closings inside the lobby of the Hyatt Hotel on North St. Clair Street in Chicago. -- Chicago Tribune

Here's Byrd-Bennett's response to the ongoing protests against the Gates-funded closing of 100 neighborhood schools, replacing them with privately-run charters:
CPS CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett appointed a new “independent commission” to oversee school closings and help engage the community. The commission has not yet met publicly and is not subject to the Open Meetings Act, which requires they meet in public any time more than two members want to get together. -- WBEZ
Rahm chimes in:
“(Delaying school closings) was not intended to stop protests, I understand people will be upset, but we’re going to have to deal now with what’s been postponed.”
CTU Vice-President Jesse Sharkey:
“If you really have a problem with too many school buildings, I think you can get a good faith conversation and start by saying you’re going to give up on the plan of open 100 new schools. That doesn’t make any sense, to be closing schools at the same time you’re building new ones.”


  1. Those poor Pritzkers. Catching hell from Chicago to Baltimore. http://www.hyatthurts.org/2012/11/feds-to-prosecute-hyatt-regency-baltimore-for-violating-federal-labor-law/

  2. Speaking of this "independent commission," you all must read Diane Ravitch's Blog post from yesterday entitled, "A Bad Joke, not Funny." John Young posts a 3-part video series of one of those "closed-meetings-but-not-really-secret" from 2006, whereby Arne Duncan, Ricky Henson, Danny Davis & Michael Scott (then CPS Board President)are meeting & eating at Edna's, and are challenged and filmed by community member(s).
    Also, no "poor Pritzkers"--in today's Chicago Trib., the supplement "Chicago's Top Workplaces" named Hyatt Htels #2 of "Top Employers:Large(1,000 or more employees." Hyatt was listed as having 3,646 employees, was new on the list this year (!), & was rated on such items as Leadership, Managers, Communication & Work/Life Flexibility. Hyatt Hotels received "Special Honors" in the area of Managers, "My manager helps me learn & grow. makes it easier to do my job well & cares about my concerns." In fact, the Hyatt Sr. V.P. of Human Resources is interviewed on Page 4. As per Hyatt employees, '"...we don't want them to be robots..."' and '"we want them...to feel like they're treated as well as a guest."' But--read it for yourself--check it iout at your local library if you're not so inclined to purchase the paper!


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