Tuesday, November 6, 2012

I hope I lose the election pool

Nearly all (except for one nabob of negativity) in the family election pool have Obama winning the electoral college vote handily. I'm the most conservative prognosticator at 290. I think the highest is 332. Chief concern is over the counts in Ohio and Florida where T-Party apparatchiks run the ballot counting and Rove's funny business circa '04 could tie things up for days or weeks. But early voting turnout is amazing and my favorite pollsters are saying it won't even be close enough to matter.

Here in Chicago, my vote in the presidential race is of little value to anyone but myself. But there are other important ballot measures. PLEASE VOTE NO on the Pension Constitution Amendment and VOTE YES on the Elected School Board referendum.

While I have been among the most critical of Obama/Duncan ed policies, I am more concerned with the threat of a right-wing electoral coup d'etat that the Romney campaign represents and especially the threat it poses for women, people of color, and to the rights of working people.

Side notes to the election:

Chicago already has registered more homicides than it did during all of last year. But the Sun-Times reports that cops are leaving the force and retiring at a record pace. Could it be that there worried about pension "reform." Fraternal Order of Police President Mike Shields disclosed Monday that the ranks of 2012 retirees will top 580, breaking the old record of 570 in 2004. While the mayor disputes these figures, there's no doubt that demoralization and anger towards Rahm is widespread.  I'm no fan of the FOP, especially after their long, extensive defense of racist torturer Sgt. Burge. But it seems like there's a basis for some tactical unity between them and the CTU over defense of pensions and rights for public employees unions.


Everyone knows by now the obscene amount of money spent on the presidential race. Electoral politics, especially now with the court's Citizens United ruling, has become a spectator sport played exclusively by multi-millionaires and billionaires while the common folk watch on TV. But what may surprise you is the equally obscene cost involved in running for local office as well. Crain's Greg Hinz reports that the top congressional and state legislative races here, with the cumulative figures running something around $100 million.


We were awakened around 2 a.m. this morning to the sound of low-flying choppers over our Logan Square neighborhood. I assume it had something to do with Obama's return to hometown Chicago where he will spend election day. Word is he will be hooping with friends. Once again, I didn't get invited to the game. He and Duncan have both been ducking me for years. I don't blame them. Even with one knee gone and pushing '70, I still have too much game left for either of them. Plus they're intimidated by my political shit-talking.

Why we vote

This is going around on FB. Roots sing "Ain't gonna let nobody turn me around."

h/t to Jesse "Walking Man" Turner


  1. Just a reminder. On the ballot in Chicago there are TWO pensions issues. To support public employee pensions, look for the CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT and vote no. Since it is not called a pension amendment, I wouldn't want anyone confused. It is the first item on one of the paper ballots. Don't forget it. If you vote for anything else and don't vote no on the CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT, it counts as a yes vote.

    -Brother Fred

  2. Thanks for clearing that up, bro. It is confusing. I've been getting calls from some young progressive voters this morning who are baffled by the language on the constitutional amendment. I've had to tell them to just vot NO.


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