Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Numbers that leave me shocked-and-awed

I am hardly one to try and quantify everything, particularly teaching/learning. But there are some numbers that I find fascinating if only for purposes of shock and awe. Here are a few:

50.8 -- The percent of votes cast by Washington state voters in support of Initiative 1240. The new law will permit up to 40 privately-run charter schools over the next five years in the state. Votes are still being counted a week after the election which marked the fourth time since 1996 that Washington voters have been asked to approve charters. Previous bills have been rejected by voters despite millions of dollars behind the charter campaigns. This time, a handful of billionaires, led by Bill Gates put in more cash than ever before, and had a 10:1 financial edge over opponents. Given all that money, opponents have said they are happy the vote was close. -- Maureen Downey, ajc

738 -- The number of minutes over a three-week period  (12 hours and 18 minutes), preparing for and administering standardized tests by a Chicago teacher. -- Adam Heenan

53,000,000 -- The number of dollars former Dixon, IL comptroller Rita Crundwell, is charged with siphoning off from this tiny town's treasury. I'm just imagining what that $53M might have meant for Dixon schools, students or needy families.

20,000 -30,000 -- The number of pages of lewd emails sent by U.S. commander in Afghanistan, Gen. Allen to Jill Kelley. My lord, how big is her in-box?

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