Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Yesterday's Tweets

Fred Klonsky toon.
Tweet from Randi Weingarten ‏@rweingarten
The Illinois Senate pension proposal is a good and fair agreement:  #1u 

Reply from Mike Klonsky ‏@mikeklonsky 
It's that much harder to fight cuts to our pensions and health care when @rweingarten is calling them "good" & "fair".. But we will.

Tweet from SmallSchoolsWorkshop‏@Smallschools
@rweingarten How can you call SB 2404 which calls for major cuts in retired teachers' pensions and health care, a "fair solution"?

Tweet from Randi Weingarten‏@rweingarten 
@Smallschools- have you seen the other proposals? This is the agreed upon bill-and I believe retirees were not impacted

Tweet from fklonsky‏
@fklonsky@rweingarten Retirees face a loss of cost of living increases and access to state health care. How do you not know this? 

Tweet from Randi Weingarten‏@rweingarten 
@fklonsky @smallschools -the bill that was negotiated is huge improvement over what others had planned- future retirees have some choices

Tweet from Mike Klonsky‏@mikeklonsky 
@rweingarten @fklonsky "Choices"? You mean between giving up COLA or health benefits? Are those the choices AFT supports? Both bills worse

Tweet from Randi Weingarten‏@rweingarten 
@fklonsky @smallschools - I understand - there's been real support in Ill for the Senate bill- don't let them do what happened in RI..

Tweet from Randi Weingarten @rweingarten 
@fklonsky -fred as u know,Ill pension system in bad shape-everyone doing something to save it-inc 2 year staggered cola holiday 


To be continued...

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  1. Mike, it just dawned on me. Perhaps Randi--just like many non-TRS member taxpayers in IL--is under the mistaken impression (gee--could the Civic Committee/IL is Broke have put this idea into their heads?)
    that we teachers get FREE health benefits--for the rest of our lives! So
    she might think that IL is offering us TOO much. And...anyone who's reading this--of course, we TRS retired teachers DO pay for health insurance--one such teacher told me that she pays $900/MONTH. I pay
    $600 MORE than that, as I kept my school district insurance, fearing that something like this was going to happen with the TRS offerings ("It's a stick-up!" shouted the robber baron/G.A. member,
    "Your COLA or your health plan! AND--don't think we won't come back for more later!")
    Bottom line: EVERYONE who's reading this tell EVERYONE you know or meet that, no, IL retired teachers do NOT "receive" free health benefits--not even for a day, let alone life. You'll be pleasantly surprised at how sympathetic people become!


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