Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Closing Duncan's Chicago 'Renaissance' Schools

Obama came to Dodge School in 2009 and used the visit to announce Duncan's appointment as Sec. of Education
While Arne Duncan was whisking in the children of the rich and powerful into Chicago's elite, selective-enrollment schools, he was also pushing a system of new start-ups and charters under his Renaissance 2010 program.

But, according to WBEZ's Becky Vevea,  in the most recent round of proposed school closings, CPS is shutting down the very schools Duncan created.
Eleven years ago, on April 10, 2002, Duncan announced he would shut down three elementary schools—Williams, Dodge and Terrell—for chronic low performance. The idea was to start over from scratch in order to create something better.
I still remember Duncan speaking to Dodge parents who were angry over his handing their school over to private turnaround operator AUSL, without any input from the community, and promising them that they would be thrilled with his new Renaissance alternatives.

Writes Vevea:

In 2008, Dodge was where then president-elect Barack Obama announced Duncan as his pick for Secretary of Education.
“He’s shut down failing schools and replaced their entire staffs, even when it was unpopular,” Obama said at the time. “This school right here, Dodge Renaissance Academy, is a perfect example. Since this school was revamped and reopened in 2003, the number of students meeting state standards has more than tripled.”
But fast forward another five years, Dodge and Williams are closing  their doors.

CPS spokeswoman Molly Poppe said there was no one available to speak with WBEZ on the record about the proposals. She said CPS is “focusing on the challenges of today.”

Translation -- We don't need no stinkin' accountability.


  1. The poster child for using kids as lab rats in mad scientist turn around experiments. Orr HS. Every turn around method and secret sauce recipe tried there in the living incarnation of the definition of insanity has failed.

  2. Churn❢ Churn❢ Churn❢

  3. We have a MOST corrupt government and Obama is no friend of education. He likes private schools and think that he can do what he wants. Duh...I call him NOBAMA, who thinks corporations will help schools. Duh...schools are just a FEED market for the deformers.


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