Friday, May 31, 2013

Pension thieves fall out once again. SB1 bombs in the Senate

Angry Boss Madigan stomped out of the Capitol after his SB1 pension bill blew up.  Points finger at Cullerton. 
If you're a retired teacher, living on fixed income, or struggling to make your health care payments, you can breathe a little easier -- at least for a few months. Boss Madigan's unconstitutional pension-busting bill, SB1, bombed in the Senate once again. It fell short by a 16-42 vote, despite an alliance between Madigan and the Republicans who came around after first complaining that the bill didn't go far enough.  Thank you, all those who called their senators and put the heat on.

Madigan and Gov. Quinn are blaming Sen. Cullerton for his supposed "lack of leadership." Cullerton had his own "not-as-bad" pension busting bill, SB 2404, which unbelievably has the support of conciliatory NEA and AFT union leaders, waiting in the wings.

I think there's an unwritten law somewhere that thieves will fall out. The only difference here is that the falling out usually occurs after the robbery. But rest assured, they will be back to try again.


Budget Secretary Charles Zogby is urging lawmakers to disregard arguments from public sector unions and left-leaning groups, who have called the governor's proposals unconstitutional and say it will cost the state more to shift employees into a new kind of retirement plan.


Congrats to the young (at least to me) activists at Chicago Votes who did the heavy lifting leading to passage yesterday of a bill to enact online voter registration throughout the state.  Go to their website and send them a check.

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