Monday, May 13, 2013


Fired Crenshaw teacher Alex Caputo-Pearl

Dana Goldstein
At Crenshaw, a “politically and intellectually challenging” themed school-within-a-school reform was dumped and its leaders dispersed. That’s “discouraging.” -- Joanne Jacobs blog
UNO Lender Steven Levy
“It had to be more than just an appearance” of a conflict, Levy, whose firm bought bonds issued for construction of UNO’s schools, told Rangel during the conference call. “There must have been something else going on for [d’Escoto] to quit a job that was paying him 200K a year.” -- UNO charter-school scandal has Wall Street worried
Rahm Emanuel
"I don't create jobs. I create the environment, the atmosphere and the platform for success in the private sector." -- Emanuel not getting the jobs done?
Paul Vallas
 “Me criticizing standardized testing is like Nixon goes to China.” -- The Answer Sheet
Chicago Principal Rhonda Larkin
"I invested 10 years in my school, and it was my family. It was almost like my child. We were being phased out, but we always had hope we were going to be saved because we were doing such great things. It really hurt." -- Chicago Tribune

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