Friday, May 24, 2013

'I thought these days were behind us' -- Rev. Tyson

From North Carolina to the streets of Chicago -- they are not behind us

They Canceled Class Today — All The Teachers Got Arrested While Protesting For Voting Rights

From the Sun-Times:
A group of parents — backed by the Chicago Teachers Union — wants Judge John Z. Lee to delay the closures for a year while they carry on their fight in court. They say in two class-action lawsuits that black and disabled students will be unfairly affected by the closures.
Lee on Thursday declined the parents’ request to issue a preliminary injunction against the closures before the school year ends, but he said he’d hear evidence at a hearing starting July 16.
During heated exchanges with lawyers for the Board of Education and the City of Chicago, parents’ attorney Thomas Geoghegan warned there would be “a bloodletting of special-educational needs students over the summer.”
BTW --- Judge Lee is an Obama appointee and a former associate with Mayer Brown. That's the Chicago (global) powerhouse law firm that handled Rahm's residency case when he was running for mayor.

At the time Obama appointed him, Judge Lee was a partner  at the law firm of Freeborn & Peters. Peter Mason, the founding member of Freeborn & Peters is one of  Bruce Rauner's top advisers as Rauner prepares to run for governor of Illinois. Republican billionaire Rauner, as you may know, had Arne Duncan clout his own kid into the exclusive Walter Payton  high school. Rauner, a close friend and big campaign donor of Rahm,  is Chairman of the Education Committee of the Civic Committee and is an active proponent of privately-run charter schools and a hater of the Chicago Teachers Union.

Good luck on that lawsuit, my friends.

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