Friday, May 17, 2013

Rahm's latest catch phrase: 'Balancing equity'

'Some will pay less. Some will not.' That's balance. 
"We balance those equities. Do it in a thoughtful and sensitive way...What comes with the office is, you've got to make the tough decisions that balance a lot of different equities and do what's best for the city and everybody involved...Our early retirees--we're giving them a runway until 2017 as we transition people to the health care exchanges that will offer them the opportunity to buy health care. Some will pay less. Some will not." -- Rahm quoted in today's Sun-Times
Preckwinkle for mayor? Someone's got to run.
 “What was the point of having public hearings? Was it all a charade? If you weren’t going to pay any attention to the outcome of the public hearings or the recommendations of the public hearing officers, why would you bother to waste everyone’s time?”
 “I think he [Rahm] came into office critical of the teachers. If you spend the whole year before you have to negotiate a contract insulting your teachers, I don’t know what you expect. They had a contract that said they were entitled to a raise, and then the Board of Education that he appointed refused to give it to them.” -- Toni Preckwinkle rips Emanuel, says CPS closure plan ‘weakens our public schools’ 
Today's CTU Elections

Today's CTU elections are being watched by teachers and union members across the country. A win by the CORE Caucus gives some hope to those fighting to save and transform a labor movement on the brink. Under the leadership of Karen Lewis, the CTU is pointing the way forward. If you are a CTU member, today is the day to stand up and be counted.

'Tweeting is an art' and Fred is an art teacher

Don't miss Brother Fred's blog post today re: AFT Prez. Weingarten's bungling of the pension battle. After coming out in gushing praise of Cullerton's pension bombing bill, SB2404, she took Fred on in a Tweeting debate. Big mistake. She hadn't done her homework. Brother Fred, of course, had. When Rich Miller at Capital Fax called her on it, she handed it off to her spinner who blamed it all on Twitter.

It seems 140 characters are not enough for Randi to get her story straight. But more than enough to spread manure around.  Or as her handlers put it, "Tweeting is an art." Good thing Fred is an art teacher.


  1. Why would the AFT support the teacher pension grab? Just because they put two bills out there, one worse than the other, why does our union always opt for one claiming, at least it's not as bad as the other?

  2. She's just letting them know, she's a willing partner. Just giver her a seat at the table and a pat on the head. Oh, and don't confuse her with the facts.


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