Monday, March 8, 2010


Senator from Harlem, critic of privatization
“If there are people fleeing from something, it is cause for alarm,” he said in an interview in his office. Using an analogy he favors when talking about charter schools, he said: “That should tell you there is a fire, and those who are responsible should find out what is causing that fire, not just create a new place for those who flee and leave the rest inside to burn there.” (Sen. Bill Perkins)
Rhode Island supe's collateral damage
The “turnaround model” now recommended by the superintendent and supported by Education Commissioner Deborah Gist is the school-reform equivalent of detonating a bomb within a school. The collateral damage done already should suffice to give policymakers pause. (Monica Teixeira De. Sousa)
Obama supported R.I. teacher firings
“I ripped the Obama sticker off of my truck,” said Zeph Capo, a midlevel official at the Houston Federation of Teachers who trains classroom teachers. “We worked hard for this man, we talked to our neighbors and our fellow teachers about why we should support him, and we’re having to dig the knife out of our back.” (New York Times)

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