Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Mayoral Control of Schools Dept.

Mayor Daley's handpicked school board has been under investigation for financial mismanagement and misuse of CPS credit cards ever since the suicide death of board president, Michael Scott. Now we learn that Daley crony and board member, Dr. Tariq Butt is being sued, by guess who?--the city of Chicago.

It seems, the man who plays a major role in making decisions about school closings, teacher firings, and management of a $5 billion school budget, doesn't like to pay taxes and fines to the city. Aside from his seat on the school board, Butt, who runs a private health clinic on the city's west side, is a major Daley fundraiser and also served the mayor as a highly-compensated member of Daley's disastrous Olympic Bid Committee, which forced schools, principals and teachers to take time out from classroom work and campaign openly for the city's bid.

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