Thursday, March 4, 2010

Questions remaining

According to this morning's Times, it looks like Supt. Gallo and the Central Falls board are in retreat. After first refusing to even meet with the union, Gallo announced yesterday that she welcomes the union’s input on a transformation plan for the high school. Gallo, said an offer made late Tuesday by the Central Falls Teachers Union gave her hope the issue could be resolved without mass firings. The union has already appealed the firings to the district’s board of trustees and filed a complaint with the State Labor Relations Board and national reaction, especially from labor, to the mass firings has been overwhelmingly negative towards the district and state leadership as well as towards Obama/Duncan.

Questions remaining:
  • Was an unenthusiastic Gallo pushed into this rash move by an overzealous State Supt. Gist?
  • Was Gist (an Eli Broad Academy fellow and obvious Michelle Rhee wannabe) led to believe that the mass firings would win her favor with Arne Duncan and improve her chances of getting RTTT $$$?
  • Can or should the district and union reach a compromise on work rules and pay issues by negating the existing contract, which both parties agreed to and signed?
  • Can Gallo retreat without Duncan's blessing?
Stay tuned.

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