Thursday, March 11, 2010


Tribune Columnist Mary Schmich
Anyone who watches the march with an open mind will see that these young people aren't aliens. They're us. They are Chicago, and the immigration laws are squandering their energy and possibilities. In other words, squandering our possibilities. And her full name, which she finally says is OK to use, is Tania Unzueta. She is undocumented. She is trying not to be afraid. ("Undocumented and unafraid")
Herb Kohl
My feeling is that progressives should advocate a "race to equity" - a multibillion dollar initiative to bring some of the most impoverished schools up to the material and pedagogical conditions of the most effective public schools in the country. (Living in Dialogue)
Teacher of the year, Anthony Mullen
A butcher's bill has come due in Central Falls, Rhode Island and a nation awaits the fate of 93 school employees. Will these teachers and staff be brought to an oak cutting board? Will the visceral remains of teachers be wiped clean from the school district's cutting board and stain a sawdust covered floor? Lines have been drawn, rhetoric spewed, and children await resolve. (Road Diaries)
Fallout from Central Falls
If the firings proceed, the best, most experienced teachers will find jobs elsewhere. Who will replace them? After the headlines fade, the students at Central Falls could be the biggest losers. (Joan Vennochi, Boston Globe)


  1. Telpochcalli TeacherMarch 11, 2010 at 11:54 AM

    Tania is a Telpochcalli alum and a UIC grad. Congratulations Tania.

  2. Yep. We're very proud of Tania.


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