Friday, March 12, 2010


Finally, a victory in the case of Debbie Almontaser

At last ---- a mighty sweet taste of justice! 95% of you receiving this email contributed so much to this victory, and finally finally all of our work, sweat, tears, demonstrating, press conferencing, walking and marching, writing statements and frantically working out logistics brought a measure of victory in the fight against racism, islamaphobia, xenophobia, hate speech and gender bias. As a member of Communities In Support of Khalil Gibran International Academy, I thank all of you for your steadfastness and ongoing support, in the face of some of the worst racism and Islamaphobia, including hate speak from many quarters in City government and the extreme right wing so-called "religious" entities against Debbie and her family.

Carol Horwitz,
Communities in Support of Kahil Gibran International Academy

Press release: EEOC determines that the Dept. of Education discriminated against former KGIA interim acting principal


  1. But DOE vows to fight. It seems like a pretty uphill fight, but it would be far from the first time Bloomberg and company ignored the law.

  2. I hope they do fight. Then it can go to the courts as a civil rights case. Let's see if Bloomberg and Klein want that. I think they will settle. But it can drag on for a long time.


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