Monday, March 22, 2010

Huberman's "reform" plan for Chicago

6 more CPS students shot

Chicago's latest school version of school "reform": Increase class size to 37. Continue closing schools and shipping kids to other struggling schools across gang boundaries. Loot the teachers' pension fund. Will union go along?

CEO Huberman hopes to get some traction with Duncan's Race To The Top by closing more schools, turning them over to private management companies, firing teachers en masse, diverting $60 million from classrooms into his goofy "culture of calm" strategy which includes, "using "data" to predict which kids will be shot next and then urging parents to "change their life styles." But I can tell you that there will be no culture of calm with 37 kids packed into high school classes.

Meanwhile, 15 hours after a downtown anti-gun rally, 6 more CPS students were shot, bringing the total for the year to 135. There were 508 CPS students shot during the previous 16-months, enough to fill an entire elementary school.

There's no more mention of the words, "Renaissance 2010." I don't blame them. I'd be embarrassed too.

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