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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Obama's support for mass teacher firings have a price

Union leaders say they are "appalled" by Obama's cheer leading of Central Falls teacher firings. Even though they say they are sticking with Dems in elections, Obama/Duncan escalating attacks on teachers and their unions will be costly.
Coming the day after union presidents sharply complained to Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. over stubbornly high unemployment, stagnant wages and the administration’s failure to do more to create jobs, the statement — voicing a rare vehemence toward a Democratic president — underlined the disillusionment of an important Democratic constituency. (New York Times)
But union leaders want to keep their seat at the table, one they didn't have under Bush. They still hope to influence ESEA reauthorization and are closely watching Arne Duncan's testimony before the House Education and Labor Committee.

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