Monday, December 28, 2015


Janet Cooksey, second from right, on the killing of her son, Quintonio LeGrier, by Chicago cops:  "I used to watch the news daily and I would grieve for other mothers, other family members, and now today I'm grieving myself." -- AP Wire 
Rev. Marshall Hatch
“The problem for the mayor is that this isn’t going away. Every shooting, every unpopular decision, it’s all going to be very problematic for him.” -- N.Y. Times: Rahm Emanuel, Under Siege in Chicago, Shows Contrite Side
Kim Foxx
State's Atty. candidate Kim Foxx
We arrest more kids from CPS than we do from the street corner. We need restorative justice justice programs in the schools rather than jailing so many of them. -- Speaking at Proviso Township Democratic Organization
Poet/author Claudia Rankine
When white men are shooting black people, some of it is malice and some an out-of-control image of blackness in their minds. Darren Wilson told the jury that he shot Michael Brown because he looked “like a demon”. And I don’t disbelieve it. Blackness in the white imagination has nothing to do with black people. -- Guardian
CTU's Stephanie Gadlin
 "We are very strong in our call for a Democratically elected school board. We would want the same for police oversight, not somebody that the mayor picks or someone who the mayor picks who picks someone." -- Politico

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