Monday, December 7, 2015


Yesterday's protest: On State Street, that great street...

Rahm Emanuel
"I own the problem of police brutality, and I'll fix it." -- Chicago Tribune
BGA Pres. Andy Shaw
It’s been quite a firestorm, and it’s scorching Emanuel and Alvarez. But it’s unconscionable that so few others been held accountable, and so little has changed, after more than half a century of well-documented police misconduct that’s taken too many lives, wasted too many tax dollars, sown too much mistrust, and inflicted too much pain on our entire city. -- Toxic Chicago cop culture dates back decades
Ando should be indicted, not just fired.
Lorenzo Davis
,,, a former Chicago police commander and top IPRA investigator, has claimed he was fired this year for resisting [IPRA head, Scott] Ando’s orders to justify police shootings. Davis’ lawyer told the Sun-Times last week that Chatman’s shooting was the video that led to Davis’ ouster. Davis himself called Chatman’s death a “murder” — one that was officially justified in an IPRA report. -- Sun-Times
John Kass
The strongman also protects his power through routine purges of those close to him, lest they be tempted. Even slavish, abject loyalty can't protect them. -- Tribune
Ald. Pat O’Connor, the mayor’s City Council floor leader has no clue.
“They’re mad at him, but I’m not exactly sure I know why they’re mad at him." -- Sun-Times
Michael Davis, Retired African-American police officer
“We don't need mayors and the so-called Independent Police Review Authority covering up for these guys and this panel the mayor created is more of the same.” -- NBC News
Mark Brown snarks Rahm's critics
Some people aren’t going to be satisfied until there is an actual riot. -- Sun-Times

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