Monday, December 14, 2015


John Dewey, founder of the Lab School where Mayor Emanuel sends his children, on DuSable librarian. 

17-year-old DuSable senior Sabaria Dean
“The librarian is like a mentor to me, a resource. She's dedicated her entire life to DuSable and the children in it. She deserves to be here...“Libraries are essential to all CPS schools, not just Dusable. Without resources and reliable people, such as librarians, our resources are limited. Being on the South Side of Chicago is already a huge disadvantage."” -- DNAinfo
John Kass
Rahm Emanuel has lost the city and he can't get it back. -- Tribune
Peniel E. Joseph
The ugly truth—that historically affirmative action has been exclusively reserved for privileged white Americans (mostly male until the civil rights revolution)—is rarely, if ever, acknowledged.Certainly not by Justice Scalia. -- Newsweek
 Barack Obama on ESSA
Referred to the bipartisan bill-signing as “a Christmas miracle.” -- New York Times

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  1. ESSA is a Christmas miracle? What does a Christmas curse look like?


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