Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Community says 'no' to Claypool's latest consolidation plan

This morning, parents, teachers and Little Village community activists are mobilizing opposition to the co-location of Spry's high school grades (Community Links H.S.) into space currently used by Saucedo and Telpochcalli. Co-location is part of CPS' latest school-closing/consolidation plan which was hatched by CEO Forrest Claypool without any community input.

While the high school does need a new space of its own, the move would severely compromise the two schools which already are forced to share limited space. 

Says Telpochcalli counselor Erin Franzinger Barrett:
“Telpochcalli is intentionally a small school so we have less than 300 kids and we try have small class sizes. We end up technically under the efficiency model. Can we cram more kids in? Yes. Is that what we do? No,” she said, “Because it’s not good for kids.”
CTU's Rebecca Martinez is asking supporters to gather this morning at 10 a.m. in Saucedo's parking lot (24th and California) and then move on to Ald. Cardenas' office to ask his support.

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