Friday, March 28, 2014

Your machine politics took a beating, Big Daddy. Get over it.

“Guzzardi was able to walk the district for four years, didn’t have to work, didn’t have to do anything.” -- Joe "Big Daddy" Berrios
My only response to Chicago machine boss Joe Berrios, after reading this inane piece in the Sun-Times, is -- You lost, Big Daddy. Get over it. That's right, Will Guzzardi (a "self-styled reformer" according to the S-T) demolished your kid and kicked the crap out of your ward machine and Michael Madigan and his boys who were running her campaign.  Will routed her in every single precinct but one and even ran really strong among Latino voters on your own turf. 

And no, despite what you keep repeating, it wasn't a race between "hipsters and Hispanics." If it was, than Toni would have surely won. Will got a big chunk of the Latino vote and believe it or not, there's no such thing as a hipster vote and Mike Madigan is no Hispanic. Why couldn't you and MM even turn out your own base behind your daughter? Because you ran a shameful campaign, that's why, spreading rumors about your opponent that nobody -- black, white or Latino -- bought into. Meanwhile, Will ran a stronger, smarter race and had a grass-roots, rank-and-file army out in the streets, going door to door and talking about issues that mean more to voters than hipsters vs. Hispanics

And no, Will didn't spend the last 4 years "walking around the district." I'm pretty sure he was working most of that time at a job, to keep food on the table and a roof over his head. 

Will Guzzardi at Johnny's Diner in Logan Square
And no, Will isn't a tool of the unions. But he is pro-union, unlike daughter Toni. That's why they supported him. He stood up against the pension cuts, something you and Toni haven't done, and that why the public service workers -- you know, cops, fire fighters, and teachers, supported him and don't support you.

And as for being outspent -- I can't imagine that you, the head of the Cook Country Democratic Party, with backing from not only Madigan, but the Mayor as well, would even admit that you couldn't raise more dough than independent Guzzardi or put a bigger field operation into play. 

You lost Joe, breathe deep and swallow hard. Put it behind you.

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