Thursday, March 27, 2014

Helen Gym -- Honored at White House as Champion of Change

Gym is being honored by the White House next week. (ALEJANDRO A. ALVAREZ / Staff Photographer)
CONGRATULATIONS to Philly public school activist and parent leader Helen Gym who will be honored at the White House next week. Gym has been named a Chesar Chavez Champion of Change - one of 10 community leaders nationally who have "committed themselves to improving the lives of others in their communities and across the country," people who "represent the values and steadfast determination of Cesar Chavez to organize ourselves for a more just tomorrow."

Gym and the other Champions will participate in a discussion about how to expand opportunities for all Americans, according to a White House news release. The event, scheduled for 10 a.m. Monday, can be streamed live at

Knowing Helen, I'm sure she will have plenty to say about Philly's mass school closings, privately-run charters and testing madness. In fact, she already has.
We’ve burned through countless dollars chasing after the obsessions and frivolities of this so called “education reform” movement – expensive consultancies, high stakes testing, new standards and curricula, Renaissance schools. We’ve become so obsessed with the structure and management of education that we’ve completely forgotten about the substance and practice of it. -- Washington Post interview
You can follow Helen Gym on Twitter at @ParentsUnitedPA

"The best way to hold down property taxes is to get school districts and local governments to live within their means." -- Sen. Kirk Dillard
In my post below, I referred to Carol Marin's interview with the man from ALECSen. Kirk Dillard, our so-called "friend of public education," according to IEA leaders. The Chicago Tonight video wasn't up yet when I posted, this morning. It's up now and starting at 2:30, Dillard shows us what a "friend of public education" ISN'T:

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  1. Am so happy to hear that Helen Gym is receiving honors due her. An outstanding champion of public education for sure! That having been said, can't help but be disgusted by the parallel worlds of Obama & his Ed. Secy. Helen Gym is honored while Duncan continues his negative nattering about teachers & public schools & children of "white suburban moms" who are not as smart as their moms think they are, all the while touting the psychologically harmful "standardized" testing, shilling for his buddies at Pear$on & for David Coleman and the much-less-than-adequate-poorly-planned CCSS. Whew! Actually, I'd almost prefer it if Helen went to the White House and declined the honor--I'm fairly certain that Cesar Chavez would roll over in his grave if he saw what was going on in this country.


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