Monday, March 3, 2014


CTU Pres. Karen Lewis asks NPE conferees, "If you support the [test-boycotting] teachers at Saucedo & Drummond, stand up and say aye."
Diane Ravitch 
"A for-profit public school is an oxymoron." -- Speech at NPE Conference
Mark Woods
I’m not even sure where to begin. But let’s start with the music, P.E. and art teachers. Each had a negative VAM score, based largely on student tests in subjects that they don’t even teach. Beyond that obvious flaw, there is seemingly overlooked value of simply having elements of music, P.E. and art... Florida x VAM = SHAM. -- Florida Times Union
Ben Joravsky
 Wait—another update! Teachers at Drummond Elementary—located on the north side—just voted not to give the ISAT. Despite B3's ultimatum. Oh, no. The rebellion's spreading. What's an all-powerful mayor to do?... Here's what you should do, Mr. Mayor. Stick to Polar Plunges with Jimmy Fallon and leave the schools alone. Haven't you learned? Every time you intervene, you only make things worse. -- Chicago Reader
Dawn Neely-Randall, a 24-year veteran teacher in Ohio
But I have to tell you, school just isn’t for children anymore. -- Washington Post

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