Friday, March 7, 2014

Murphy's Law...Rahm's joke...DFER's $$$

A good question
Georgia parent asks Pres. Obama, "Why don’t private schools adopt your test-based school reforms?" -- Washington Post

Murphy's Law
Jim Broadway, who publishes Illinois School News Service, has a good post on voucher supporter, Matt Murphy's (R-Palatine) bill SB 3533, that would supposedly "give public school students a choice of who will teach them - a teacher in their local schools or a "provider" in a remote location, even in another state." The bill, which is not likely to pass, is backed by ALEC.

Jim refers to my blog when describing ALEC. Thanks Jim.
 You've read my views about ALEC before. Here's how Mike Klonsky, one of my favorite bloggers, sees ALEC: 
"The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) represents the most reactionary, anti-people, anti-teacher, racist sector of the corporate establishment.... They are strongly anti-union and have pushed legislation nationally to dis-empower teacher unions and take away collective bargaining rights of all public employees."
[Okay, if you clicked the link on Klonsky's name you might have read the thrashing Mike gave to Sen. Kirk Dillard, whom we have endorsed for the Republican gubernatorial nomination. Mike makes good points, but we'll stick with Kirk.]
When Jim says "we have endorsed", I think that's the Royal We, not any organization. I understand Jim.

DFER union busters headed for Chicago
Crain's reports, the privatizers are coming in with a big wad of bills ($1 million+) to try knock out the  few progressives on the City Council and anyone else critical of charter school expansion.
The organization had been all but moribund since it was formed in 2011, but suddenly has kicked its fund-raising into high gear, pulling in $60,000 in the past two weeks, including donations from industrialist Jim Crown and his wife Paula Crown, Jennifer Steans from the politically active Steans clan, and the Texas-based Arnold Foundation.
Jay Travis
DFER is also bankrolling Christian Mitchell's campaign against progressive Jay Travis in the 26th Dist. Rep race. Mitchell has already taken money from the corporate "reform" group, Stand For Children.

You can stand up to these creeps by casting an early vote for Jay if you reside in the district and sending a check even if you don't.

Check your watch, deBlasio.
Rahm's joke?
At Axelrod's conference at the U of C, L.A.'s Garcetti, getting in a plug for his city's mild weather, joked that he touched Chicago's snow — which he said hurt — and wasn't sure what it was.
"It's water," Emanuel deadpanned in a reference to California's drought. "We'll sell it to you at a big price." 
Garcetti goes, "he he" but knowing Rahm, whose famous line is, "Never let a serious crisis go to waste", he must have been wondering, was that a joke?

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