Monday, July 18, 2011


Photo N. Marroquin
Students have no tolerance for Zero Tolerance 
"As a result of the current disciplinary policies, we don't feel any safer in our schools," said Gabriela Hernandez, 16, a junior at Kelvyn Park High School. -- Chicago Tribune.
Yong Zhao
 "In well-to-do schools, teachers may doubt the value of the tests, but their students are much less at risk of failing the exams, so they do not have as strong a need to cheat." -- "Ditch Testing: Lessons from the Atlanta Scandal
Principal Carol Corbett Burris
"We know that those who lobby for charter schools, sell computers to virtual schools, and profit from testing are legion. Those who love public education, respect the role of collective bargaining and believe that society must improve the lives of our neediest children cannot be silent. That is what the July 30th march in Washington D.C. to Save our Schools is about. Secretary Duncan needs to hear from us all." -- "When Arne Duncan called to talk"
Charters not wanted in wealthy suburbs
“Public education is basically a social contract — we all pool our money, so I don’t think I should be able to custom-design it to my needs,” he said, noting that he pays $15,000 a year in property taxes. “With these charter schools, people are trying to say, ‘I want a custom-tailored education for my children, and I want you, as my neighbor, to pay for it.’ ” -- Matthew Stewart, resident of upscale Millburn, N.J.
Fireworks at L.A. board meeting over retention 
"Having a child repeat the same grade the same way doesn't produce stellar results," said board member Tamar Galatzan, who proposed the board action. "Making sure that students have learned the material when they move from grade to grade is something this district needs to do a better job of." -- L.A. Times

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  1. The Millburn thing, I think that was ethnic group vs ethnic group, as one wanted to form their own charter and pull out of the (pricey) public education system. AFAIK, Millburn is fairly upscale.



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