Tuesday, July 5, 2011


Joe Biden at the NEA RA
"There is an organized effort to place blame for budget shortfalls on educators and other public workers. It is one of the biggest scams in modern American history." -- Education votes
Teacher Ken
“Teachers are being targeted,” said Ken Bernstein, a Prince George’s County teacher who is helping to coordinate the march. “And they are finally coming out of their classrooms and getting interested” in organizing a political response.  -- Washington Post
Brother Fred
Fred Klonsky, a Chicago-area teacher and delegate to the convention, said the Obama administration should take note of the 72% vote. “For an incumbent Democratic president to receive less than 75% of the delegate vote at an NEA convention ought to cause some concern for the administration,” he said. -- WSJ
Joanne Barkan
"With the zealots’ mix of certainty and fervor, ed reformers have made this a wretched time to be a public school teacher." -- "The Grand Coalition Against Teachers"
 More seat time?
"Just extending a school day doesn’t mean, by itself, that you’re going to have high-performing schools. It’s not going to be simple.”  -- Noemi Donoso, new CPS chief education officer

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