Sunday, July 3, 2011

Update from brother Fred at NEA RA

Seated with me are my followers.
Well my brother, I am home from another session of the NEA RA. This is a marathon. This goes on and on until Tuesday.

But tomorrow, Monday, the story in the media will either be, "Obama barely gets NEA endorsement," or "Obama denied NEA endorsement." There is just a lot of unhappiness among delegates with the present administration, even among those who will vote yes on the early no strings endorsement proposal.

I've read some of the internet criticisms of the RA by those who think it should be tougher on Obama. But this is a major misread of what is going on. The NEA ought to be a reliable base for a Democratic presidential incumbent. He should be receiving 85-90% of the delegate vote. That the outcome of tomorrow's ill-conceived vote is in doubt (it needs 58% of the delegates to pass) is a sign of just how much trouble Obama is in with his base. 

Several state delegations have been asked to vote on the endorsement issue twice after it failed to receive enough votes the first time. I have been told that several state caucuses have even taken a no position stand on the re-election of Dennis Van Roekel, even though he is essentially running with only token op.

This is a grumpy crowd. And the mood is well earned.

Things start up again tomorrow at 7AM in the Illinois Caucus. 


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