Monday, July 25, 2011

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Volunteers needed in Wisconsin recall elections

Wisconsin Democrats are now within striking distance of taking back control of the state Senate and putting the brakes on Scott Walker’s out-of-control agenda in Madison. As momentum continues to build behind efforts to flip the chamber, we’ve entered the home stretch towards the critical August 9th elections against 6 GOP senators whose careers are now on the line for blindly following Walker and rubber stamping his extreme agenda. To continue our drive to the finish, we are running one of the most aggressive GOTV and voter contact efforts the state has ever seen. We still have dozens of GOTV volunteer shifts to fill, and we need your support. We've never been closer to recalling the Republicans who callously put corporations over working families. At the end of the day, the victory will go to the campaign most able to mobilize their base. This is why we need volunteers to help out during GOTV -- August 6-9.

We have volunteer shifts to fill in all 8 Senate Districts. Below you'll find a list of elections and their dates. For volunteers in need of supporter housing and transportation, we'll work to accommodate all needs, but these resources are in short supply, so we encourage volunteers to partner with one another as much as possible for these arrangements.

For more information on traveling to the state, please contact Keauna Gregory at or 770-547-0513.

In Solidarity,

Keauna Gregory

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