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Friday, July 22, 2011

Hyatt heat lamps -- Whodunnit?

Some readers questioned whether it was actually anyone in the Pritzker family who turned the heat lamps on picketing Hyatt workers yesterday?  Answer: Probably not, any more than Rupert Murdoch himself, actually passed envelopes fill with Euros to Scotland Yard cops. I doubt that either Thomas or Penny Sue, for example, would even know where the heater switch was. They have bigger fish to fry.

"This is one of the hottest days of the summer," said Daniel Medina, 42, a bellman at the Park Hyatt for two years. "I work at that door every single day and only in winter time do those need to be turned on. Somebody did it on purpose. It's ridiculous."
Medina said the lights do not turn on automatically and that only bellhops, doormen and engineers access the room that controls the heat lamps. He said there was no way it could be inadvertent.
After Hyatt allegedly turned the heat on the strikers, Gabriel Carrasquillo, a server at the hotel's restaurant NoMI, began to chant, "You can't smoke us out," and extended the picket line beyond the heat lamps so that employees could get periodic breaks from the heat, he said.  -- Chicago Tribune

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  1. There's only three possibilities. 1) The Pritzkers ordered the heat lamps to be turned on; 2) their trusted managers ordered it without their knowledge but the Pritzkers aren't criticizing or firing them; 3)Jesus done it.


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