Thursday, July 7, 2011

Duncan says he's "stunned" by Atlanta cheating scandal

Arne Duncan's last shred of credibility seems to have vanished after he announced to the press that he was "stunned" by the scope of the Atlanta cheating scandal. As one Tweeter put it, "Stunned Arne? Why? You (and NCLB) caused it "

Duncan seems completely bewildered by the cheating pandemic breaking out most recently in D.C. (Rhee's Erasuregate) Baltimore, and now in Atlanta.  At first, he minimizes the problem:
"I think this is very isolated. In Baltimore, there's two schools and they dealt with it. This (Atlanta) is an easy one to fix, with better test security."
Then, when pushed, he reverses course:
"When you hear about cheating in basically 80 percent of schools, you have a cultural problem."
A cultural problem? Hmmm, I wonder whose culture the secretary is referring to?

Can there be any doubt left at the White House that a serious change in direction is needed, away from the disastrous testing-madness policies emanating from the D.O.E.? And that the change must start at the very top? Get rid of this guy, Mr. President!


  1. I just wish I could add those "wuh woh" horn sound effects to accompany this story.

  2. Arne Duncan is like Reagan's James Watt: Terminally reckless with a tin ear from hell.


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