Saturday, July 2, 2011

More from brother Fred at the NEA RA

Hey bro,

Just a quick note during a break in the first session. 

The main event today was NEA Prez Dennis Van Roekel's speech to the delegates. It was a fine speech. It hit on all our concerns: The attack on collective bargaining. Funding equity. Teachers as professionals. A stirring defense of public schools The attacks on teachers and other public employees in states like Wisconsin, Michigan, Ohio, and you know the rest.

What was missing was the acknowledgement that the Democrats need to be sent a similar message. Not only the GOP. Barely a mention of Arne Duncan plus a full-blown endorsement of Obama. 

For that there was only polite applause.

Mike, I have to tell you that nobody is making book on the outcome of the secret ballot vote on an early endorsement. Whatever the outcome, whether the endorsement passes or not, the story will be that it passed by a little or it lost. 

The vote comes later in the RA. 



  1. If the NEA fails to act as a union, a true union, acting in the best interests of its members, it's time to withdraw.

    What will it take for them (ostensibly us) to understand?

  2. It's a long, ongoing struggle my brother. No time to talk about "withdraw."

  3. Withdraw? This is my union. Some fools move into my house, say it's their house and I say, okay. I'll move out. That's not the way this NEA member looks at things.

  4. If the NEA endorses Obama, it means they are more interested in helping a political party than their dues paying members. My friends and I have been discussing this and we are thinking of withdrawing from the union if it passes.

  5. Doesn't get any dumber that this.


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