Thursday, July 21, 2011

Quotable: Karen Lewis

On the mayor's decision to send his kids to Chicago Lab, a well-funded private school

“We understand why he would choose a school with small class sizes, a broad, rich curriculum that offers world languages, the arts and physical education, a focus on critical thinking not test-taking, a teacher and an assistant in every elementary classroom and paid, high-quality professional development for their teachers. It’s wonderful that he has that option available to him.’’ -- CTU prez, Karen Lewis


  1. What makes UofC Lab different from many CPS neighborhood and charter schools? Funding to support low student:teacher ratios certainly, but also the social and cultural capital available to the students. Rahm's net worth and level of education is likely about the median at Lab. We can change funding and student:teacher ratios in CPS, but what can we do to make up for the differential in cultural capital?

  2. Public school parentsJuly 21, 2011 at 3:56 PM

    Mr. Cantor,

    We send our children to a Chicago public school with a diverse group of students and parents. We like the "cultural capital" they bring. People like Rahm bring a kind of cultural bankruptcy to any school.

  3. "I've got friends in low places..." - Garth Brooks

  4. Mike, this is a great quote! Karen hits the nail square on the head. What our leaders want for their kids is not what they work to give for all kids.


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