Monday, September 10, 2012


Karen Lewis
“Real school will not be open [Monday]. ... No CTU member will be inside our schools." -- Sun-Times
Bad timing for Rahm?
The timing also may be inopportune for Emanuel, a former White House chief of staff whose city administration is wrestling with a spike in murders and shootings in some city neighborhoods and who just agreed to take a larger role in fundraising for President Barack Obama’s re-election campaign. -- Time 
More Lewis
“We stand in solidarity with our brothers and sisters throughout the state and country who are currently bargaining for their own fair contracts. We stand with those who have already declared they too are prepared to strike, in the best interests of their students.” --- CTU Statement
Xian Barrett
When you, rather than bargain on any of this stuff set up fake school centers staffed by positively motived Central Office staff, many of whom are terribly pissed to be pressed into veritable scabitude when they know you are wrong, and you equip them with a manual that tells them things like, “communicate with words”, that not only hurts our kids, but it suggests you have no idea how to run a system with their welfare in mind. -- Teacher X: Why I'm striking
"The issues that remain [ie. teacher evaluation based on test scores] are minor." --NBC


  1. Hi Professor Klonsky,
    I was at Blaine Elementary School all morning with supportive parents by our side but it was cruel to witness the people who live in ignorance and continue to yell, "Go back to work!" Well... we want to, but we CAN'T. We didn't want this, but we got pushed into a corner and we are just defending ourselves from bullies. Many teachers will be at McPherson school tomorrow morning at 6:30AM as will I standing with my Blaine Elementary colleagues. You are more than welcome to join us there! Will you be joining us in the rallies?

  2. Thanks for the invite Hanna. Yes, I will try my best to make it to Blaine and picket with you for a while. Yes, I went to the rally this afternoon. I never felt prouder to be an educator or a union guy in my life. What a day!

    Best to you and your colleagues. Keep us posted about how the struggle is going. Don't let the jerks get you down. Lots and lots of support out there.


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