Thursday, September 13, 2012

"The worst way to evaluate teachers..."

Isabel Nunez is an associate professor at the Center for Policy Studies and Social Justice at Concordia University and my colleague at CReATE. She has written a great commentary in the Sun-Times, "Standardized test scores are worst way to evaluate teachers."
 I am part of a group called CReATE, or Chicagoland Researchers and Advocates for Transformative Education, which is trying to unite the voices of academics in opposition to these changes and to the corporate takeover of public education. We are trying to spread the message that what is happening in our schools today is not supported by the research.
Standardized testing has become monstrous, which brings us to the proposed changes to teacher evaluation: the latest and worst use of testing so far. The Chicago Public Schools are planning to implement evaluations based in part on student test scores this school year. Terror at this prospect prompted CReATE to gather 88 signers on an open letter criticizing the plan, which we hand-delivered to the mayor, schools CEO and the Board of Education... READ THE REST HERE.


  1. Although I appreciate your work I am in a quandary as to why it is buried in a site that is only visited by like minded teachers.

    I have asked so many times why are the NEA and AFT silent at the national level. I see national ads for the movie Won't Back Down and private colleges but nothing informational about the devastating effects of of the hostile corporate takeover.

    Here is an opportunity for the NEA to make a difference and they don't seem to care. How hard would it be to produce an informational ad? Many people truly believe that we are stumbling bums and deserve the take over.

    Patrick Fleming a retired Kennewick Washington public school teacher

  2. Waleska V. Castillo CrespoSeptember 13, 2012 at 9:40 PM

    Hello, I am a teacher in Puerto Rico, I want to send you my best wishes. Eyes of teachers everywhere are looking at you.

    Be strong,
    go on
    life without trying
    to reach the matters
    in what you believe
    is empty,
    and teachers...
    we are not empty people.

    Waleska V. Castillo Crespo

    "El tiempo suele dar dulces salidas a amargas dificultades."
    Don Quijote

  3. Just saw the panel on WTTW discussing the latest strike news. I have seen Jennifer Johnson on a few other shows in the last 2-3 years. She teaches at Lincoln Park HS I think. She is total dynamite. Ed. at Northwestern I think. She totally held her own and more, trying to explain to the weak of mind about the foolishness of eval. teachers using test scores. She mentioned the work of CReATE. Her comments were spot on and perfectly phrased. She even zinged the Stand for Children rep at the end, calling it "Stand On Children, as Karen says." I truly wish the union would 'use' her more often. She is exactly what is needed as the face of teachers in Chicago.

  4. The discussion on WTTW was highlighted by a union delegate from Lincoln Park HS who presented an excellent face of the CTU and teachers' concerns about tests as part of evaluations. This delegate used the work by CReATE to support what teachers already know - that this high-stakes testing is not a good thing for either teachers or students. The professor from DePaul was also an excellent advocate for teachers. The only ones who want this ridiculous evaluation system, another component to destroy tenure through the back door, are the ones financed by billionaires. These folks are hiding behind both students and parents in their efforts to push through reforms that are not reforms to better education but anti-union tactics to destroy teachers. It was at least a balanced discussion on WTTW last night.


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