Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Latest I'm hearing...

At Clemente High School this morning, teachers manned all 4 corners at Division and Western . I seemed like every car , truck, bus and taxi that went by was honking its horn in support of the strikers. (M. Klonsky pic)
Fire Alarm

Insiders tell me that Fire Dept. inspectors went to Children First holding centers to do safety checks yesterday. Many of the buildings aren't schools and may not have proper safety requirements for little kids. I'm told that calls were made from Rahm's people to the department brass. The brass then told the dept. inspectors people to stand down.

Where's Brizard?

CPS liar-in-chief Becky Carrol is denying that J.C. Brizard has resigned. I think he's just hiding under his desk.

Super PAC Man

Rahm is really pissed. He had to cancel his appearance at a Super PAC dinner to go back to playing mayor. POLITICO reports that he cancelled a planned appearance at a Chicago fundraiser Priorities USA Action, the super PAC supporting President Barack Obama’s reelection campaign. Rahm was bounced from his position as Obama Campaign Chairman last week and sent out to run the Super PAC, now legal after the Citizens United decision. Republicans are jumping all over this one. Toxic Rahm has become Obama's Achilles heel.

Best columns today:

Sun-Times columnist Mark Brown:
Mayor Rahm Emanuel seems to have returned with an infestation of hitch-hiking critters in his suitcase as well. How else can one explain the strange assortment of conservative bedfellows crawling all over themselves this week to side with Emanuel in his fight with the Chicago Teachers Union? On Tuesday, it was none other than media titan Rupert Murdoch, once known for union-busting tactics in his early days as a mere newspaper publisher, offering his attaboy to Chicago’s mayor.
Sun-Times columnist Carol Marin:
Rahm Emanuel started a fight with teachers that only he can finish. In his 2011 campaign for mayor, he took the Chicago Teachers Union on as an adversary rather than attempt to make them a partner. He opted for a blunt instrument rather than a finessed approach. In hammering home how he was “for the children,” he left the implication that teachers were not.
And then, shortly after his election, Emanuel went to Springfield to get Senate Bill 7 passed. Touted as education reform, it was really an anti-collective bargaining measure, setting up a 75 percent vote threshold for union members to authorize a strike.


  1. Mike,
    It seems like this (and Fred's blog) is the only safe place in cyberspace to post and not be attacked. Have you checked out CPSObsessed, Russo's page, and a couple other places? Pure nastiness!
    Just came back from Kelly HS where parents, community leaders, and even LSC members stood by us. Not to mention Kelly HS Marching Band did a GREAT JOB.
    Yes, we did have FUN: good to see old colleagues, have the chance to talk about the changes we need to make in our schools, the support we lack, the resources we need and how we're a part of history. Heck, if CPS had PD days like this, we'd really make progress.
    But on a sorry note, I had a man yell at me and tell me "to go back to work you bum and teach the poor kids" (with a "bird" attached to his comment). Goes to show how ignorant people are!

  2. I saw Brizard on the news tonight at Clemente High School holding a "discussion" with other principals about how imperative it is that principals have the right to hire and fire at will. It's interesting, and somewhat disrespectful, that he held that meeting at Clemente, the site of mass firings earlier this summer at the whim of that principal. She is clearly one of his chosen few. People need to hear these stories!

  3. Bravo to Carol Marin. Too bad she is not allowed more time on PBS to straighten out those folks, esp. Phil Ponce and Eddie Arruza.

    JC is really showing his true self during this strike. so ignorant that he can only attend pre-arranged, orchestrated events. They would never allow him near the negotiations since he has absolutely no clue what goes on in a CPS school. He is truly more ignorant than orginally thought.

    Which "reform" group is running that anti-CTU ad on the late night news shows? The name included Reform and Now in it but it went by too quickly for these old eyes to catch it all. Time to find out which billionaires are funding this group and get it out to the news since their phone-it-in journalists don't seem to know how to google anything. If anyone knows anything about this group, please post. Thanks.


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