Monday, September 24, 2012

Matt Farmer still on Rahm's trail at Clemente

Matt Farmer
No topic has generated more heat and less light in the comments section of SmallTalk, than the Rahm/Brizard move to turn Clemente Community Academy High School into a "wall-to-wall" International Baccalaureate (IB) school. It was a move that led to the firing by new turn-around principal Marcey Sorensen, of some 24 Clemente teachers.

It also led public school parent, lawyer, and community activist Matt Farmer to pursue the paper trail leading to the IB conversion. Sensing something fishy here, he filed  an FOIA request on June 27 which of course was stonewalled by CPS. But that just brought out the bulldog in Matt, who won't take "no" for an answer when it comes to transparency in our public schools. After being dicked around for more than a month, it seems like our intrepid attorney has put the fear of a court battle into the bureaucracy.

Rahm's now trying to make the whole thing go away by claiming that the decision "is not final."

Matt tells the whole story of CPS intrigue today over at the Beachwood Reporter. 

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  1. It is disappointing to see that you are continuously perpetuating a story that is not factual. He claims the community was not involved and that it led to teachers losing their jobs. Neither is factual. You have heard this from various sources and yet continuously are perpetuating misinformation, which is what you claim others are doing. It is also sad, because I spoke with Dr.Lopez the other day and he said you were aware of his involvement and would not continue to battle or mis-speak of the community and yet here you are doing it again. Do you put children in any of this? IB wall to wall is equity and access and you have no idea how pleased the COMMUNITY is for this to happen, so that our neighborhood school is a school of choice for OUR kids. Why does Farmer care about our kids? Oh, he doesn't. He cares about his friend and your student, Kevin Hough, and this is not about the kids, but an adult's personal fight. You also know the school as I remember you were involved in the school some time ago. You also were involved in small schools and wanted equity and access as we do for our kids. I'm disappointed in you and in what you are perpetuating. Community as a Campus, parents, teachers, and students have been involved and at the table with Clemente for decades, but especially this past year.


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