Monday, September 17, 2012

Our hipster alderman

"All labor has dignity"

Just got this missive from a CTUer:

Good morning,

Chicago Teachers Union Delegates voted to extend the strike until Tuesday, giving members time to review the tentative agreement before voting on it.

Chicago is the city of the parking meter deal where aldermen voted to privatize parking meters before reading the deal, leading to everyday Chicagoans paying millions to park over the course of a 75-year deal. Teachers knew to read their deal before signing.

And now, one Alderman in particular, Joe Moreno of the first ward, sent out this email lambasting CTU leadership for continuing the strike.

He blames CTU President Karen Lewis for the delay, but it was the democratically -elected delegates who made the decisions to take the TA back to their members to consult before making a decision.

This is the same alderman who is attempting Chicago machine style zoning maneuvers to block a Chick-Fil-A in his ward.

To this date, he has yet to survey the ward over their feelings in this matter.

Just last week, Joe was on Fox Business News blaming union leadership for the strike and agreeing with the Fox News host when she suggested "blowing up" public schools.

It appears that he governs through search engine optimization. When Chick-Fil-A was trending, he was passionate about it. When Chicago Teachers Union Strike was trending, he found passionate in it.

He was not so passionate when 20 teachers were fired at one school in his ward. They were fired by no fault of their own.

However, he did brag about the change in program at the school on the Huffington Post that arguably led to these firings.

Joe is known as the hipster alderman.

He is @alderman_moreno on Twitter.

I'm just saying, but you didn't hear it from me.


If that wasn't enough for the hipster alderman, Brother Fred toons him over at the Red Line Tap.

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